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Skimpy toppings

Can you tell me what the amount of toppings is supposed to be on a salad per topping. Andorra saladworks employees are giving one skimpy scoop of each topping and its ridiculous given the price you charge per salad.


New ingredients

Should not have gotten rid of edamame, egg whites, and whole wheat pasta. These were all staples to my make your own salads, and I have heard many people complain about these ingredients missing in the last few weeks at the location I go to in Bethlehem, PA.

Please bring these ingredients back!! Do you really need 8 different types of cheese?


Headquarters email

Garwood NJ North ave is the worse salad works I have ever made a purchase from. The employees are like robots.

Management does not accept constructive criticism.

They train staff to give customers a tiny bit of salad items. I'm surprised they are not out of business by now.


i just ordered gift card, i'm not sure it went through. can you help? Thanks


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